Ink and Lead

If y’all have never seen SCREAMING FEMALES you’re fucking up real hard. Go check them out. They are the most interesting band out there today, and they have paid their dues by touring CONSTANTLY for years now, and gaining a super devoted following. Check them out here playing on the Carson Daly show. 

My band has had the honor of playing with them a bunch of times, and we’ve become good buddies. Marissa always wears a dress on stage, and I have given her a few (the first two pictured, there is one more that I can’t find a picture of right now). Screaming Females are coming to my home town in November, and she’s going to try on the bottom two dresses and buy one or both of them. I love picking out dresses that suit her stage persona perfectly.

Ok, fangirling done. Check this band out. And check out my Etsy store and find your own perfect outfit!! 

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